One of the biggest design influences in my life has been 90’s graphic design; it’s the first thing I think about when I hear the words “graphic design.” The Nickelodeon splats, MTV ads, movie posters, music videos, etc. pretty much everything design related in that era has stuck with me, especially, for reasons I don’t know, the 90’s McDonald’s cups. The bright color palettes, crazy fonts, and wild illustrations that heavily influenced me are the same elements I incorporate into my pieces. I want my viewers to not just look at my work(s), but to experience them by truly making connections. As a designer, I want my work to display that it’s okay to not play it safe, and that design is about taking chances, even if they flop. Just like the McDonald’s cup, even if people didn’t like it, so many people can tie an experience to the memory of that cup or vaguely remember it. That’s how I want my work to impact the world around me; to invade people’s minds to the point where they have no choice but to remember me for it.
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